Date’ apple’ shredded coconut’ served with warm butterscotch syrup’ ice cream and strawberries.


Traditional Italian cake served with strawberries drizzled with special syrup.

Rich date pudding served with warm butterscotch syrup, ice cream and strawberries.


Pastry filled with crushed cashews and pistachios served with ice cream, strawberries.

French style ice cream made with seasonal fruits, served with strawberries and drizzled with an aromatic herb, mulled wine coulis.


Italian style ice cream made with seasonal fruits, honey and pistachios, served with strawberries and honey coulis.


English by name, Italian by flavour – very traditional dessert served in a glass. Whipped chantelle cream layered with seasonal berries and Amaretto biscotti, finished with a very soft Cinzano and vanilla liquor.

Mountains of gorgeous vanilla ice cream layered with fresh strawberries.